I am a Web Application Engineer, interested in efficient procedure and well-designed architecture. I have worked as a frontend engineer, committing development of some web applications. Lately I anticipate the potential of quantum computing, so I study quantum mechanics and other physics.


Engineer, Nota Inc., Kyoto, Japan — 2021.4 - Present

Web Engineer, teamLab Inc., Tokyo, Japan — April 2019 - March 2021

I have developed web applications mainly with Vue.js, Nuxt.js and TypeScript. Since the second year I am often assigned as a team leader, so I have also dealt with the design and architecture of projects. Lately I push forward to introducing Composition API and establish composables abstracting the common processes. I am enthusiastic with realizing a simple and smart architecture so that our team can achieve development more efficiently.

Product Planning Part-Time, Hatena Co., Ltd, Kyoto, Japan — November 2016 - March 2019

After maintaining of "Hatena Bookmark", a social bookmark service well known in Japan, I have maintained contents of webtoon sites introducing "GigaViwer", a manga viewer developed by Hatena. I also got accustomed to using Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio.

Newspaper Reporter, Kyoto University Press, Kyoto, Japan — April 2015 - March 2017

I experienced collecting materials and writing articles as an editor of Kyoto University Press.


Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan — April 2017 - March 2019

I had consistent concern about the dissociation between our object to act and the result of the act. This matter prominently appears in following phenomena — the action, a person act with some intention, realizes unintentionally, causing the failure of accomplishing the aim. To analyze such a structural difficulty or cynical aspect of social action, I relied on action theory and define the problem as "how a person takes an unreasonable decision". Choosing the action, shooting a photo, as a subject material of that, I discussed the relationship between photo-shooting with some intention and the photo as the result.

Undergraduate school of Industrial Chemistry, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan — April 2012 - March 2017

I studied physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biological chemistry and chemical mathematics. I also experienced biological chemical experiments as described above. I was assigned to a laboratory in Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute (KURRI), where I majored in radiochemistry. I studied on Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, researching in evacuation designated zones like as Okuma and Tomioka on foot.


  • Driver's License
  • Teacher's License
  • Hazardous Materials Engineer's License Class A
  • Passed EIKEN Grade Pre-1
  • Passed Kanken Grade 2
  • Passed Chuken Grade 3
  • Passed HSK Level 4
  • Passed Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping Grade 3
  • Passed Certified Skilled Worker of Fin Grade 3
  • Passed Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination


Vue.js / Nuxt.js / React / Next.js / Svelte / Ruby on Rails / Django / HTML / CSS / TypeScript / JavaScript / Ruby / Python / UI/UX / CMS / Google Analytics / Git / Raspberry Pi / Arduino / macOS


  • Japanese (Native)
  • English (Proficient)
  • Korean (Intermediate)
  • Chinese (Intermediate)
  • French (Beginner)